from APARENCIA DESNUDA, La obra de Marcel Duchamp:
"El artista no es un hacedor: sus obras no son hechos sino actos." (The artist is not a maker: his works are not products but acts.)
-"todas las cosas manipuladas por el hombre tienen la fatal tendencia a emitir sentido." (-all things manipulated by humans have the fatal tendency to emit meaning.)
-"el fin de la actividad artistica no es la obra sino la libertad. La obra es el camino y nada más." (-the goal of artistic activity is not the Work itself but liberty. The Work is the road and nothing else.)


When I started welding in 1993, the cube was the fist forms to explore. Geometry is a language that belongs to whoever wants to use it. No one can possibly pretend to be the inventor of such forms, but somehow those who find joy in exploring geometry belong to the same family. Geometry has laws like a game of chess, and the beauty of the different solutions can be admired by the participants.

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