from APARENCIA DESNUDA, La obra de Marcel Duchamp:
"El artista no es un hacedor: sus obras no son hechos sino actos." (The artist is not a maker: his works are not products but acts.)
-"todas las cosas manipuladas por el hombre tienen la fatal tendencia a emitir sentido." (-all things manipulated by humans have the fatal tendency to emit meaning.)
-"el fin de la actividad artistica no es la obra sino la libertad. La obra es el camino y nada más." (-the goal of artistic activity is not the Work itself but liberty. The Work is the road and nothing else.)


was initiated as plain silkscreen prints, blue and black on white or chamois paper. They were printed in the studio and put aside for some years until the idea to continue the work came up. The simple logic of geometry seemed too evident, something absurd was needed.

Printmaking is a profession with rules. The printer himself is normally a person who loves to see his work reproduced endlessly. The edition is supposed to be signed, numbered and limited to items that are perfectly identical. But after all, the freedom of hand-colouring seems to be accepted. Each print is given a unique attention and a special treatment that lifts it out of the repetitive slavery of larger editions.

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